My Lazada Order Experience and How to File a Lazada PH Complaint

This blog will talk about my recent Lazada Order Experience and how to properly file a complaint if the same thing will happen to you.

Last November 11, Lazada had its 11.11 sale and I purchased two JBL Go speakers and was promised that the items will be delivered between November 15 – 20.

Unfortunately, the item was not delivered on the promised date so I tried to reach them via their customer support. Their live agents are available from Mondays to Sundays, 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

Customer Support Link:

I reached to their customer support agents and told me that the items were delayed due to massive orders during their 11.11 sale so I have to wait until November 26. Understanding the situation, I patiently waited until November 26 unfortunately, no order came. Frustrated, I messaged them again via live chat and insisted to talk to their supervisor. 

You can request a supervisor to call you over the phone. Agents are not allowed to end your chat conversation. 

So I talked to one of their supervisors and she claimed that the item was lost during the shipping process and they are currently investigating the issue. 

Frustrated with what happened, I reached out to DTI to properly file a complaint. DTI’s email is: [email protected] I sent an email to them providing all the details including screenshots. The next day I received an email from DTI and forwarded my concern to FTEB – Mediation, a department in DTI who handles these types of complaints. After reviewing my concern, they emailed the President/Managers of Lazada and included me in their email conversation.

Finally, I received a call from a Lazada representative. Here are some points that I figured out:

  • The agents who are assisting us via live chat are not connected directly to Lazada. They are actually a 3rd party company (sort of BPO I guess). They have a very limited access to Lazada resources. 
  • It is best to escalate your concern to DTI immediately if there are lapses on Lazada’s end.

My concern was finally addressed via refund and we had an amicable settlement. 

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  1. Can you please share to me the explicitly the steps and needed to do, who to call or email? I got a complaint to lazada since they didn’t honor the buy i made but I have enough funds in lazada wallet to do so. please i need to reclaim my money. thanks

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