How to Get Your Own Debit Card in the Philippines

Getting your own debit card is your gateway to making fast and hassle-free payments online. Owning a debit card also entitles you to remove PayPal limits and make it a verified account once you link your debit card. As per PayPal rules, there’s a limit on the total amount of money you can send from your account if it is unverified.

In this guide, we will be using PayMaya, formerly known as Smart eMoney, to acquire a free and virtual debit card. Although the company behind this service is Smart Communications, you don’t necessarily need a Smart Mobile Number during the registration process. This means that you can utilize your existing mobile numbers regardless if it is under Smart network or not.


  • Reliable Internet connection
  • Smartphone with Android or iOS installed
  • Mobile Number

Getting Started:

Download the official application of PayMaya thru App Store using your iOS device or via Google Play Store using your Android device. You can also click the link below if you are using your mobile device right now:


PayMaya App on Google Play


Once you successfully download the App, open the PayMaya application and click register.

PayMaya Registration Page

You will then be asked for your personal information. Fill in all the fields required to proceed with your registration.

PayMaya Registration Form

Important Reminder: During the registration process, your password must satisfy with the requirements of the app. You may refer to image below:

PayMaya Password Requirements

Once you are done filling the registration form, simply tap continue. You will be redirected to App’s Data Privacy Policy. This page tells you how the application and the service as a whole handles your information. Once you agree with the terms and conditions, simply tap Agree.

A verification code will be sent to your mobile number. Simply input the code and tap verify. 

If you’ve successfully verified your mobile number, Congratulations! You’ve successfully created your PayMaya account.

How to view your virtual debit card:

For you to view you virtual debit card, you need to add money on your PayMaya account. You need to add at least Php 100.00 to activate your virtual debit card.

I highly recommend that you cash-in via 7-eleven stores since it is very convenient and your money is credited near real-time. Just simply visit any 7-eleven stores and approach the cashier for assistance.

If you there’s no available 7-eleven near you, simply click here: to check available options.

Once you’re able to add funds to your PayMaya account simply click View Card and viola! Always remember to keep your card’s information private for your protection and to avoid unnecessary/unauthorized charges.



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