How to create your own PayPal Account here in the Philippines [Updated 2018 with screenshots]

PayPal has been widely used here in the Philippines and according to Statista, a statistics portal site,  in the first quarter of 2018, there were 237 million PayPal accounts active worldwide.

In this blog, I’ll show you how to create a PayPal account for users here in the Philippines. It is highly recommended that you use a computer desktop or laptop when creating your PayPal account and also a stable Internet.

On your browser (in my case I’m using Mozilla Firefox) visit

PayPal Philippines Homepage
PayPal Philippines Homepage

Click Sign Up on the upper right side of the screen and you’ll be asked with two options:

PayPal sign up options


Now this is a bit tricky specially for starters and for those who wish to accept payments from their online jobs. I’ll explain each option below:

Buy with PayPal is for users who wish to purchase online items. This option is also best for those who wish to accept payments from their online jobs since this option is also designed for personal use.

Receive Payments with PayPal. This option is designed for those who wish to establish a business online specially for those who wants to accept payment online. PayPal supports most major credit/debit cards and this is the best option for businesses online.

In this guide I’m going to choose the option designed for personal use and also for those who wish to accept their payments online. Select Buy with PayPal and click next.

You’ll be redirected to the PayPal signup page. Now fill in the form according to what is asked.

Note: I highly recommend using a GMAIL Account for your email address. Your password must be at least 8 characters long and must contain one digit or symbol.

PayPal Philippines Signup Page

Once you’re done click continue.

You will then be redirected to another form. Fill in what is asked.

Important: You may be asked for your National ID Number which in most cases some of us may don’t have specially for starters and students. Nothing to worry, if you have your school ID or any ID available, just input it in the National ID field and you can change it after you process your National ID. 


Once you’re done, click on the checkbox and click Agree and Create Account.

Now you’ll be asked for your credit/debit card details on the next page. If you have one you can input it or if you don’t have just simply click I’ll do it later and then click I’d still like to do this later.

CONGRATULATIONS! You are ready to go. Don’t forget to verify your email address by clicking go to your account on the lower part of the screen.


I hope this guide will be your gateway to more opportunities in earning online.

On my next blog I’ll be sharing to you ways in getting your debit card and linking it to your PayPal account so that it will be verified.

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