My name is Shakespeare. People call me Shakes, some call me Clynt. I am a Computer Engineer and currently  I am working as a College Instructor. I’ve been creating websites since December 2013. Over the years I became passionate to technical stuff and right now I create websites using WordPress. I hope you’ll enjoy your stay here in my blog.

December 2013

It started with Blogger, a free blog-publishing service by Google. At my young age, I was really wondering how stuff works over the Internet. I was thinking if I can create my own website, if I can design my personal website. Back then Internet was a really big challenge. I was working online via oDesk (now UpWork) as a Back-end Personnel and most of my earning were dedicated to my interest (volume based Internet, paid themes and subscriptions, et. al.).

We met with WordPress 2014

January 2014, I started creating a WordPress site. The site showcases the beauty of the Island where I am staying. It was my gateway to meeting the different types of themes, plugins, hosting, and domain providers.